Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

As one of Singapore’s premium lifestyle gift and souvenir brands, we value your privacy and the information that you share with us. We aim to keep your information safe at all times and strive to ensure that this information is used for proper purposes, including enhancing your satisfaction and enjoyment of our products and services.

This Privacy Policy explains to you how D-Plus as the operator of D-Plus Online website at  (“Website”) and its sub domains,  manages, collects, uses and discloses your Personal Data, in accordance with the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act (No. 26 of 2012) (“PDPA”).

Updated 31 May 2018.


1.  What does the Privacy Policy cover?

1.1.     This policy also covers D-Plus Online’s treatment of any personally identifiable information that D-Plus Online’s business partners share with D-Plus Online. Personal data that we store or collect in jurisdictions outside of Singapore may, subject to applicable law and the PDPA, be transferred to and used by D-Plus Online. Similarly, personal data that D-Plus Online stores or collects may, subject to applicable law and the PDPA, be transferred to and used by us outside of Singapore.

1.2.     This policy does not apply to the practices of companies that D-Plus Online does not own or control, or to people that D-Plus Online does not employ or manage.

1.3.     This policy is based on the PDPA and all the associated regulations and guidelines as may from time to time be issued by the Personal Data Protection Commission (“PDPC”) of Singapore.

1.4.     This policy covers D-Plus Online’s treatment of personally identifiable information we collect when you are on the website. By visiting, using, submitting information, or signing up as a customer on the Website to purchase, view or otherwise browse any of the products or services offered by D-Plus Online, you accept and agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully before providing us with any of your personal data or using our website. “Personal Data” refers to any data, whether true or not, about an individual who can be identified (a) from that data; or (b) from that data and other information to which we have or are likely to have access, including data in our records as may be updated from time to time.

1.5. Unless you opt-out and instruct us otherwise, D-Plus Online does and will continue to share the personal data that it collects from you with D-Plus Online’s subsidiaries, including those who own and operate D-Plus stores, as permitted under applicable law and the Singapore PDPA. When personal data is collected by or transferred to D-Plus Online, it will be treated in accordance with the privacy practices set forth in this Privacy Policy. We would like to reassure you that we value your privacy and will continue to adhere to the PDPA by keeping your personal data confidential and secure.

2. What type of data does D-Plus Online keep?

2.1.     As used in this Policy, “personal data” refers to data, whether true or untrue, about an individual who can be identified: (a) from the data or (b) from the data and other information to which the organisation (in this case D-Plus Online, and all third parties of relevance mentioned in this Privacy Policy) has or is likely to have access to. Personal data includes, among other things, your name; street or mailing address; telephone number(s); email addresses; date of birth; gender; nationality; photographs, images, purchases of products and services, marketing preferences, preferred communication methods, reviews and opinions about D-Plus Online, payment information, information needed to administer rewards or loyalty programmes, including correspondence and transaction details; and any other information that you choose to provide us with or that we may collect about you through your transactions with D-Plus or D-Plus Online.

2.2.     We may collect additional personal data about you that you knowingly and voluntarily provide in connection with certain activities or transactions with D-Plus or D-Plus Online, such as participation in certain meetings, events and social media offers and promotions.

2.3.     In addition to the personal data that you provide us with, we may collect certain information about you that is not generally or uniformly considered personal data and which we consider to be non-personal data. We collect this information to create a better user experience and to identify areas of improvement on our website and services. Such data may include information like the pages you visited on our website or the products that you looked at.

2.4.     You must only submit to us, our authorised agent or the Website, information which is accurate and not misleading and you must keep it up to date and inform us of changes.

3. How does D-Plus Online collect your personal data?

3.1.     We will collect your personal data directly from you and secure the relevant consent from you. This may take place in a number of ways, such as when you visit us at our stores, give us a written order or request for a product or service to be made available to you over the internet or by telephone.

3.2.     When you visit D-Plus Online website, our company servers will automatically record information that your browser sends whenever you visit a website. This data may include:

  • Your computer’s IP address
  • Browser type
  • Webpage you were visiting before you came to our Website
  • The pages within the Website which you visit
  • The time spent on those pages, items and information searched for on the Website, access times and dates, and other statistics.

3.3    This information is collected for analysis and evaluation in order to help us improve our website and the services and products we provide. This data will not be used in association with any other personal information.

3.4    Our website may also offer interactive facilities and functions such as customer enquiry or comment forms, reservation forms and waiting lists, as well as contest entry forms, where personal data may also be collected. In addition, we may obtain personal data from third parties such as our agents, partners and regulatory authorities. Where you have accessed and used our website and services, you agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy.

3.5     Regardless of who provides us with your personal data, we assure you that it will always be handled by us in accordance with the PDPA.

3.6     We rely on the personal data we hold to conduct our business. Therefore it is very important that the personal data we hold is accurate, complete and up-to-date. We will do our best to ensure that the data we hold is accurate and complete. This means that we may ask you to update your personal data from time to time to ensure that it is up-to-date. If you find any errors in your personal data records, please contact us immediately and we will make the necessary changes.

3.7. D-Plus Online uses features of Google Analytics, please see this link for how your data is collected and for how to opt-out of any Google Analytics tracking.

3.8. As part of the above, D-Plus Online may use Google Analytics features based on Display Advertising, including but not restricted to the following: Remarketing, Google Display Network Impression Reporting, DoubleClick Campaign Manager Integration, and Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting. Using the Google Ads Settings (, you can opt-out of Google Analytics for Display Advertising and customise Google Display Network ads.

3.9. D-Plus Online also uses Remarketing with Google Analytics to advertise online; third-party vendors, including Google, may show D-Plus Online ads on sites across the Internet. D-Plus Online and third-party vendors, including Google, use first-party cookies (such as the Google Analytics cookie) and third-party cookies (such as the DoubleClick cookie) together to inform, optimise, and serve ads based on visitors’ past visits to D-Plus Online, as well as report how ad impressions, other uses of ad services, and interactions with these ad impressions and ad services are related to visits to the Gardens’ Shop Online.

3.10. When you log on to D-Plus Online website, D-Plus Online, with the help of Google Analytics, may use your browsing behaviour to connect it with any other data that has previously been provided by you, in accordance with this Personal Data Protection Policy.

4. Will D-Plus Online use your phone number?

4.1.     When you place an order through our online site, we require you to provide us with your contact number for the sole purpose of contacting you in the event that there is an issue with the delivery of your package.

4.2.     D-Plus Online complies with the Do Not Call (DNC) provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA). The DNC provision prohibits organisations from sending marketing messages (via voice calls, SMS or fax messages) to Singapore telephone numbers registered with the national DNC Registry.

4.3.     In compliance with the DNC Registry, D-Plus Online will not send specified marketing messages to telephone or facsimile numbers that appear on the DNC Registry unless the user/ subscriber has given us clear and unambiguous consent to do so.

4.4.     If you have given us consent, we will continue to send you specified messages until you advise us in writing that you wish to withdraw consent.  Should you wish to withdraw your consent for us to send you sales, marketing or promotional information via a specific mode, please inform us as follows:

4.4.1.  To withdraw consent from receiving SMS promotions, please unsubscribe by following the steps provided in the promotional SMS;

4.4.2.  To withdraw consent from promotional emails,  please click on the Unsubscribe link in the promotional emails or, as a registered account user, you can opt-out by not checking the tick box at Newsletter Subscription in your Account Dashboard;

4.5.     Please be aware that once we receive confirmation that you wish to withdraw your consent for marketing or promotional materials/communication, it may take up to thirty (30) days for your withdrawal to be reflected in our systems. Therefore, you may still receive marketing or promotional materials/communication during this period of time. Please note that even if you withdraw your consent for the receipt of marketing or promotional materials through a specific mode, we may still contact you for other purposes in relation to the Products and Services that you have purchased or have subscribed to with D-Plus Online.

4.6.     Please note that we will still contact you via the most effective mode when required by law.

4.7.     Any information obtained from D-Plus Online will be received only by us and stored in our database.

4.8.     Personal information will be stored by D-Plus Online when you register for a new account at D-Plus website, or when you subscribe to D-Plus Online newsletter.

4.9.     On your ‘My Account’ page, you can choose to enter more information to ease the Checkout process if you wish (for example, shipping information). When you register a new account at D-Plus website, the following information is required:

  • Email Address
  • Username
  • Password

4.10.     Please be informed that it is necessary to include your contact number during Checkout. This is so we can fulfil your request(s) for certain products and services.

4.11.     D-Plus Online uses your information for the following purposes:

  • Manage and improve D-Plus website
  • Administer and operate your account
  • Process your orders
  • Inform you of important changes to D-Plus website and services
  • Manage promotions, competitions, questionnaires and customer surveys
  • Verify your identity
  • To fulfil your requests for certain products and services
  • To notify you of special events, promotions and offers
  • To provide you with personalised content on our website
  • To process and respond to enquiries
  • To build and maintain your wishlist
  • For the purposes for which you provided the information
    (eg. to reserve an item, subscribe to our mailing list)
  • For the purpose of compiling data and conducting statistical or demographic analysis

4.12.     In the sole discretion of D-Plus Online, we will be required to use your personal information, in exceptional circumstances, such as national emergency, security concerns, or other situations in which D-Plus Online deems such disclosure is prudent.

4.13.     D-Plus Online does not store your credit card information on our server. Credit card information will be entered directly in the highly secure bank site for approval.

5. What are the security measures for your personal information?

5.1.     Your account information is password protected for your privacy and security.

5.2.     D-Plus Online ensures that all information collected will be safely and securely stored. We protect your personal information by:

  • Restricting access to personal information
  • Maintaining technology products to prevent unauthorised computer access
  • Securely destroying your personal information when it is no longer needed for any legal or business purpose

5.3.     D-Plus Online uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption in certain areas to protect data transmission.

5.4.     D-Plus Online uses up to 256-bit SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption technology when processing your personal data details. The industry standard is 128-bit SSL encryption that is approximated to take at least one trillion years to break.

5.5.     Credit card numbers are not stored in our database. We use trusted third party payment service provider, PayPal, that provides secure payment processing of all transaction data.

5.6.     If you believe that your privacy has been breached by D-Plus Online, please contact us at

5.7.     If you would like to view the personal information we have on you, please contact us at We reserve the right to charge a reasonable administrative fee for retrieving your personal information records.

5.8.     You have the ability to edit your account information and preferences, including whether you want D-Plus Online to contact you with information on promotions and new collection launches, on your ‘My Account’ page.

5.9.     If you have made a purchase with your account at D-Plus website, you may access details of your order by logging into your account on the Website. Here you can view the details of your completed orders, as well as those orders which are currently being processed.

5.10.     You undertake to treat your D-Plus Online username, password and order details confidentially and not make it available to unauthorised third parties. We cannot assume any liability for misuse of your D-Plus Online username, password or order details, except as stated in the Terms and Conditions.

6. Does D-Plus Online share and disclose your information?

6.1.     D-Plus Online will never sell or rent your personal identifiable information.

6.2.     D-Plus Online will only send your personal identifiable information to other third party companies when:

  • We have your consent to share information.
  • We need to share your information to provide the product or service you have requested.
  • We need to send the information to companies who work on behalf of D-Plus Online to provide a product or service to you.
  • We need to verify your identity

6.3.     The companies mentioned in paragraph 6.2 above do not have any right to use the personal identifiable information we provide them beyond what is necessary to assist us.

6.4.     In situations where a third party under contract with D-Plus Online collects personal data from you, we will require the third party to exercise reasonable care in protecting your information so that it is in compliance with the PDPA.

6.5.     We may share anonymous or aggregate information among all D-Plus outlets and with third parties, including advertisers, investors and partners. Aggregate or anonymous information does not contain any personal data, and therefore its use and disclosure is not subject to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

6.6.     D-Plus’s website may contain links to third party websites which D-Plus Online has no control over.  D-Plus Online is not responsible for these sites. You are responsible for reviewing the privacy policies of these sites. We strongly advise you to read their policies before disclosing any personal information to these third party sites.

6.7.     D-Plus will take reasonable steps to protect your Personal Data against unauthorised disclosure. Subject to the provisions of any applicable law, your Personal Data may be disclosed, for the purposes listed above (where applicable), to the following:

  • D-Plus Online’s related corporations and employees to provide content, products and services to you; address your questions and requests in relation to your customer accounts, subscription and billing or order arrangements with us as well as questions about our products and services; to activate, deactivate, install, maintain and operate our systems and/or services;
  • Companies providing services relating to insurance and consultancy to D-Plus Online: agents, contractors or third party service providers who provide operational services to D-Plus Online, such as courier services, telecommunications, information technology, payment, printing, billing, payroll, processing, technical services, training, market research, call centre, security or other services to D-Plus Online;
  • Vendors or third party service providers in connection with marketing promotions and services offered by D-Plus Online or its preferred partners;
  • Commercial shops and retailers in relation to providing rewards and benefits;
  • Any business partner, investor, assignee or transferee (actual or prospective) to facilitate business asset transactions (which may extend to any merger, acquisition or asset sale) involving any of the Companies;

Our professional advisers such as auditors and lawyers;

Relevant government regulators, statutory boards or authorities or law enforcement agencies to comply with any laws, rules, guidelines and regulations or schemes imposed by any governmental authority; and

Any other party to whom you authorise us to disclose your Personal Data to.

7. How long will D-Plus Online keep your data for and can you opt out?

7.1.     D-Plus Online will not keep any data you give for longer than is needed. All data provided by you is retained only if the purpose for which the data was collected still exists.

7.2.     If you have ceased to be a customer or client of D-Plus Online and have cancelled your account, D-Plus Online will no longer send you marketing or promotional materials (if you have opted out of receiving them) or share your personal data with unrelated third parties. However, D-Plus Online may still retain your records and use your information for legal and/or business purposes, including for compliance with the PDPA or other laws.

7.3.     If you do not want your personal data to be shared among third parties affiliated with D-Plus Online, you may opt out of such information sharing by sending us the appropriate withdrawal notice at

7.4.     Please note that if you withdraw your consent for a limited purpose, such as for marketing or a specific type of marketing, we may still contact you or use your information for other purposes for which you have not withdrawn your consent and such personal data may still be shared, as permitted under PDPA and other applicable law. If you do not wish to receive any further information from D-Plus Online regarding our promotions, events and offers via email, you may unsubscribe from our mailing list with the link provided in our email correspondences.

7.5.     Please be aware that once we receive confirmation that you wish to withdraw your consent for marketing or promotional materials/communication, it may take up to thirty (30) days for your withdrawal to be reflected in our systems. Therefore, you may still receive marketing or promotional materials/communication during this period of time. Please note that even if you withdraw your consent for the receipt of marketing or promotional materials through a specific mode, we may still contact you for other purposes in relation to the Products and Services that you hold or have subscribed to with D-Plus Online.

7.6. Our website is not intended for children under 18 years of age. We do not knowingly collect or use any personal information from users under 18 years of age. No information should be submitted to this Website by visitors under 18 years of age, and visitors under 18 years old are not allowed to register for our registered accounts, contests, newsletter, or activities. You must be 18 years or older to purchase products. If you are a minor, you can use our products and services only with permission from a parent or guardian.

7.7. D-Plus Online reserves the right to modify and change the Privacy Policy at any time on D-Plus website. If any substantial changes are made to the way we use your personal identifiable information, you will be given ample notification.

7.8. Subject to your rights at law, you agree that your continued use of D-Plus Online and services after such amendments will establish your acceptance of and agreement to be bound by the revised policy.

7.9. This Personal Data Protection Policy and your use of this website shall be governed in all respects by the laws of Singapore.

8. What are cookies and how does D-Plus Online use them?

8.1. A cookie is a small piece of information that is placed on your computer when you visit certain websites. Most websites like ours use cookies to enhance your online experience.

8.2. We use cookies in some parts of our website to store user preferences and record session information. This may also be used to help personalise services on our website.

8.3. You can adjust the settings on your browser so that you will be notified when you receive a cookie. Should you wish to disable the cookies associated with these technologies, you may do so by changing the setting on your browser. However, your ability to use our website or the functionality thereof may be affected.

8.4. Please refer to your browser documentation to check if cookies have been enabled on your computer or to adjust your browser settings to not receive cookies.

8.5. Our website may contain links to other sites that are operated by third parties with different privacy practices. We have no control over and do not take any responsibility for these third party websites and their personal data handling practices, and you are encouraged to review the personal data policies of web sites you choose to visit which are linked from our website.

8.6. An IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer when you are connected to the Internet.

8.7. When you visit our website your IP address is automatically logged in our server. We use your IP address to help diagnose problems with our server, and to administer our website. From your IP address, we may identify the general geographic area from which you are accessing our website; however, we will not be able to pinpoint the exact geographic location from which you are accessing our website. Generally we do not link your IP address to anything that will enable us to identify you unless it is required by applicable laws and regulations.

8.8. Advertisements on D-Plus Online website may be provided by third party advertisers and their agencies. These may generate cookies to track how many people have seen a particular advertisement (or use the services of third parties to do this), and to track how many people have seen it more than once.  D-Plus Online does not control these third parties and their cookie policies and if you have questions about their cookie policies, please contact D-Plus Online and we will try our best to assist by providing you information about these third party advertising agencies.

8.9. D-Plus Online is not responsible for the Personal Data policies (including Personal Data protection and cookies), content or security of any third party websites linked to the Gardens’ Shop Online website.